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With Henriks Best Ear Plugs you will be able to:


- Sleep well, even if your spouse snores loudly.

- Work undisturbed even if the noise is unbeareble

- No hearing problems in noisy situations.

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Henriks NRR31 High Grade Noise Reduction Ear Plugs


Statistics reveal that thirty-six per cent of women with partners who are snorers never have a full nights sleep. Sleep deprivation can be a major cause of health hazards such as lethargy and other problems in your everyday life.


Up till now the ear plugs on the market have not been very successful in cutting out noises such as snoring or loud music. Most are difficult to insert and are not comfortable to wear, or else tend to fall out of the ears.


However, with the introduction of Henriks NRR31 Ear Plugs the situation has changed. NRR31 Ear Plugs are soft foam making them extremely comfortable. Their high grade noise reduction is because they are made of polyurethane plastic and as they are really soft, you never have sore ears.


Henriks NRR31 Foam Earplugs are small and lightweight, fitting easily and comfortably into the ears. The earplugs will not fall out, even during exercising, playing active sports, or swimming. When not in use you keep them in the handy box that fits in your purse.


The Henriks NRR31 Ear Plugs are the ultimate product for a good nights sleep and rest. Your partners snoring will not bother you; instead, you will be content sleeping in your own sweet dreamland.


These reusable earplugs are the perfect answer for cancelling out noises that you do not want to hear, there is no cord to bother you, and the softness of the foam conforms to the ears contour making them most comfortable to use.


This innovative product can provide an ideal solution for anyone who is a light sleeper or sleeps next to a loud snorer. Get yourself a package by clicking the shop now button to the right.


Product description

  • Material: Soft foam for that is easy to the ears
  • Size: Great size for most ears, 24x13mm
  • 18 pairs per package lasts easily a couple of weeks
  • Good noise reduction, blocks out unwanted noise. Noise Reduction Rating is 31 decibels.
  • Package size optimal for handbags and purses: 35 x 68 x 80mm
  • Ligth to carry with you only 30 grams


We offer a no hassle 30-day money back guarantee, if you for some reason are not completely satisfied with the product we will refund you your money. Just contact us at sales@henrikscom.com

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